Fashion Statement 7. – Hollaback Girl

Gwen's Elle cover

Gwen in Louis Vuitton


Yves Saint Laurent


Gwen Stefani is my ULTIMATE style and life icon. She manages to balance music, family and fashion in a way that gives her the most desirable superhero status. Gwen always looks great – from her punk rock days in No Doubt, she has soared through her 2 solo albums to become the sophisticated woman she is today.

The photos here are from Gwen’s ELLE cover (UK, April 2011). The article is an interview with Gwen and one of her closest friends – Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson – and is all about style. Gwen has her own designer clothing line, LAMB, which is full of outstanding dresses, jackets, trousers and shirts. And I love everything about it. LAMB is Gwen’s baby, and it’s obvious she has a lot of input into the line as it appears to reflect her to a T. Her kids line, Harajuku Lovers, is a fantastic collection too – full of crazy prints and colours, and the start of her perfume range (of course I own them all). Can this woman do no wrong?

It is my life inspiration to be like Gwen Stefani. Whether that means dying my hair bleach blonde, donning the vixen red lipstick, creating a band or indulging in more high fashion purchases. I’ll do whatever it takes. Maybe I can test my sewing skills to the extreme and create my own label? Perhaps a little ambitious – but then again, I doubt Gwen got where she is now without a little ambition, hope and creativity.


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