Fabric Gift Bag

This weekend I’ve been working away on this cute drawstring storage bag. My friend has recently got herself a new flat, but alas, has told me she has nothing nice to decorate it with… so out came my new book of gifts (Fast Fabric Gifts by Sally Southern) and here’s the project I chose.

The bag is made up of two pieces of fabric in contrasting patterns, which are simply pressed and seamed together to create the rectangular shape. This was the easy part.Ā I continued on with the pattern, marvelling at how easy it was to make… and then had a slight panic attack when the next instruction was to SEW BUTTON HOLES.

Let’s make this clear – I have never stitched a button hole in my life. I turned to the instructions for my sewing machine, armed with a practice piece of floral material and several deep breaths, and was quietly surprised by how SIMPLE it was. You place the fabric under the foot, and then turn the dial from setting 1 through to 4 and…. voila! From now on, everything I make is going to be adorned with buttons!

I then stitched around the button holes to create a channel for the drawstring, and threaded through some bright pink ribbon for a dramatic finish. Now all I need to do is finish the other bag I started for my own use, and get this one in the post to my friend’s new flat. Fabulous.


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