Second Pair of Cath Kidston Oven Gloves

My grandad heard on the grapevine that I had made my sister some oven gloves for university, and so put in an order for a pair right away!

I used the same pattern out of Cath Kidston’s Sew! book (where else?) and found them a lot easier to make second time round. I used a vintage blue floral cotton for the main glove, with batting in between to absorb the heat from the oven. The binding around the edge is cream cotton that I meticulously pressed into long straight pieces and then stitched all the way around on both sides. It took forever, I really should buy some more bias binding at some point. I also put a little hook at the mid-point so he can hang them up when not in use.

On a seperate note – I bought the latest issue of Cross Stitcher magazine (April 2011) this week and can’t wait to make some little monster emblems I spotted. Watch this space!


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