Fashion Statement. 1.

While this blog is for me to showcase my sewing projects, I thought it was only fair to showcase the fashion, materials and designs that have given me inspiration.

First up are the two dresses on the right. The beautiful coral lace dress is by Christopher Kane (Spring 2011). I love the texture of the sheer lace over the vibrant coral material, and how it produces such a soft colour which is really pretty to look at. The contrasting yellow, vertical ribbon gives the dress movement and depth, and turns a pretty dress into high fashion. LOVE THIS.

The second dress (modelled by Cheryl Cole) is from Glamour magazine, Feb 2010, and is from the Versus Spring 2010 collection. As soon as I saw this photo I ripped it out the magazine and pinned it to my noticeboard… and it’s still there a year later! I adore the cut-out lace pattern around the bodice – it looks so chunky yet so delicate at the same time. The pleated skirt gives it that swish-factor all girls love! One day I’ll be an experienced enough seamstress that I might be able to replicate this myself. Until then, it remains pinned to my wall to be admired and swooned over.


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