DIY Union Jack Cushion

Sometime I surprise myself by how amazingly creative I actually am. This is one of those moments. I was in Debenhams with my mum earlier on today, and spotted loads of colourful Union Jack cushions, ranging in price from about £25 to £65. Surely I could make something similar without such a hefty price tag?

Once home I rummaged through Grandma’s Box of Donated Material Scraps and picked out a few florals, pinks and blues that went together nicely. I mostly (make that entirely) improvised on the Union Jack pattern – I simply cut lots of long pieces of fabric, pressed the edges, and then did a long running stitch down the middle to attach them to the background floral material. On the blue pieces running vertically/horizontally I used a zig-zag stitch to make the cushion look even more exotic, and then added a strip of purple ribbon in each direction.

The back of the cushion is a plain, baby pink cotton, and the pattern comes from my Cath Kidston Sew! book which I adapted slightly for my own design. I think it took me about 3.5 hours altogether. Let the bidding commence!


4 thoughts on “DIY Union Jack Cushion

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, and such a nicer, fresher taste on the normal and expected union jacks you see everywhere at the moment. I’d love to have it! How can i make one of my own or persuade you to part with yours?!
    Fran X


    • Hi Fran – thank you so much!
      I’m sure you’d be able to make your own version of this – it’s a lot more simple than it looks I promise!
      I used a basic cushion pattern that I already had (pretty much just a front and 2 back panels) and then improvised completely on the design. Find a few contrasting (yet matching!) fabrics and cut out strips long enough to stretch diagonally across your cushion. Press under each long edge, pin to the cushion panel, and then do a running stitch right down the middle. Easy! I did a few zigzag stitches in place of straight stitches, and also ran a length of ribbon horizontally/vertically to jazz it up a bit. Each stripe is made up of a plain backing stripe with the floral stripe on top.
      Hope that’s some help!


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