New Look 6843 Floral Skirt

I finished my skirt a couple of weeks ago now, but failed in uploading it straight to my blog. I think I was so distracted by wearing it and it not falling to pieces, that it completely slipped my mind. Anyway – here it is!

The pattern told me it would take 1 hour to sew the skirt together. From start to finish it took me about a week, but that’s including cutting out the pieces, editing the length and fit, plus inserting the zip and attaching the broderie anglaise trimming. Not bad whilst I was working full time in between?

The photo here shows the zip and hook-and-eye fastening I used on the back of the skirt. The zip was surprisingly easy to sew in. The pattern originally called for a button hole to be made, but everything was going so well that I didn’t dare ruin it at the last minute! I decided to go for the hook-and-eye instead because it was a lot easier.

The only big hurdle I had to jump was regarding the length of the skirt. Due to a little too much editing and a little too much hemming, I managed to take off far too many inches from the bottom and had a bit of a panic! My mum suggested I added some sort of trimming, so I trekked back to the material shop and found a length of broderie anglaise which has done just the trick. I had to use black though, because navy apparently does not exist. It looks alright though, and I doubt you’d notice. Perhaps I need to stop pointing it out!

So far I’ve worn it twice to work. The first time I was a little apprehensive (and worried) that it may just fall off whilst I was walking around! My colleagues think I look like Alice in Wonderland wearing it. I disagree, but I guess that’s almost a compliment? I even put the skirt through the washing machine (a very scary moment) and it came out in one piece. Fantastic – can’t wait to make another now!


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