Of Mice and Men

Two weeks ago I regrettably found myself heartbroken and in tatters. After three and a half years my relationship came to an end, leaving me distraught and upset to say the least. Fortunately I have my sewing to keep me company and keep my mind occupied. I found a pattern for this cute patchwork mouse in the Sew Hip magazine I bought (purchased because I fancied making the skirt featured on the cover!).

The mouse is made up of about 18 individual pieces – fantastic therapy for an aching mind. It took me a while to cut them all out and stitch them together, but the lenghty distraction time was well worth it. I found it quite fiddly to sew on the machine at times because the stuffing can get a bit bulky and that’s without taking into consideration the many layers of fabric around the arm and leg joints. Being the not-very-practiced seamstress I am, the limbs didn’t catch in the seams in all places, so it looks a little rag-dollish. I guess it adds to the homemade look!

I do love the mix of fabrics though – I used a Cath Kidston star print for the body, plain pink for the limbs, and a floral cotton for the front, chin and ears. The face and whiskers are stitched on with blue embroidery thread. So far he is a nameless mouse. Suggestions are most welcome.


2 thoughts on “Of Mice and Men

    • Hi Deb, thanks for the comment! The pattern is out of Sew Hip magazine (a UK magazine if you’re not local) from around August 2010 (I will check the exact edition when I get home this evening). Unfortunately I’m not able to scan the pattern in to email to you because it comes from an enormous pattern sheet that wouldn’t fit under my scanner! I will reply to your email with more information as soon as I can.


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