Odds and Ends

My grandma recently found out that I’d begun sewing, and I think it’s safe to say that it was possibly one of the greatest moments of her life. She immediately cleared out her loft of all her left over fabrics (she too is a budding seamstress, and has been for about 50 years). We went to visit her on Wednesday and she couldn’t wait to donate it all to me. There must be hundreds of pounds worth of materials – the photo shows just a few of the florals and prints I have now inherited. I can’t wait to make each piece into something amazing.

Amongst the fabrics there’s even part of my grandma’s wedding dress. I’m planning to make her something that she can have around the house as a thank you. I’m quite certain she’ll be over the moon.

I have now taken over the wooden ottoman in the living room and made it my material chest. I also whipped up this big tote bag (see photo!) out the Cath Kidston book so that I can have the fabrics I’m currently working with together and at hand. The bag took a little while to make as it has a pocket detail, lining, and working button hole on the front. I think for a first attempt it went pretty well! The lining is bright pink cotton to highlight the flowers on the outside print.

I’m still working on my skirt, but it’s very nearly finished. I just need to work out how to stitch on the broderie anglaise trimming I got to lengthen it. I’ve also started another project – this time a lovely little patchwork mouse that uses up all my scraps of pink and floral materials. Photos will be up soon!


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