Birds of Paradise

Last week it was one of my closest friend’s 22nd birthday. I’ve known her since I was about 4 years old, and so decided that she deserved something created with my new found sewing skills. I picked a different cushion pattern out of the Cath Kidston book this time – a rectangular cushion with a contrasting front panel and little applique birds. I wish I realised how time consuming this would be, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have started the project only a handful of days before her actual birthday.

I had to hand sew each of the applique birds, which took about 6 hours in total. The pieces of material are so tiny, and each of the wings needs stuffing with the most miniscule amount of polyester toy filling. Once that’s done, the edges need to be pressed under and the birds need to be hand stitched onto the cushion’s front panel. This took about 1 hour per bird. My fingers were protesting with exhaustion at this point, but I convinced myself that my friend’s gratitude was worth the pain.

Et voila – le produit final! Once the pesky little birds were stitched to the front panel, assembling the rest of the cushion on the machine proved to be no problem. The finished product looks quite chirpy and very cute. I’d love to make one for myself but I’m not sure I have enough patience.

Perhaps this is a project for more experienced fingers.


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