New Look 6843 Skirt – the Beginnings

After making various cushions I decided to begin something a bit more adventurous. A skirt. I went down to the Remnant House and bought (far too much of) this lovely navy floral cotton. It’s quite thin and so easy to sew with. The photo doesn’t quite do the pattern justice, as the little roses are more red in real life.

I was originally going to trace around an existing skirt to create my own pattern, but decided that this was possibly a little TOO adventurous. Instead I had a flick through various pattern catalogues and came across one by New Look. It’s a pattern for 5 different a-line skirts, some with extra darts, some a bit longer and some with a side split. I cut out the pieces for the simplest design (top left skirt on the photo below), and away I went.

The skirt consists of 4 pieces of mateial: a front piece, 2 back pieces and a waistband. It also requires a 7″ zip and a bit of interfacing for inside the waistband. I cut out the material according to the ‘size 8’ guidelines but soon discovered that it was going to be far too small. And that I’m a secret size 16. It turns out this pattern is made for a skirt to go around the wait. I want a skirt that goes around the hips. This meant re-cutting the back 2 pieces to extend the width a bit. I also chopped off half the length to create a more youthful look.

As a first-time dressmaker, I’m finding the pattern a little difficult to follow and have had to either Google/ask my mum what some of the terminology means. ‘Layering’ seams and ‘line with interfacing’ are not expressions I’ve previously encountered. That out the way, I’ve so far managed to piece my skirt together, machine stitch it all, and have just attached the (interfacing lined) waistband. More to follow.


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