Easy Cushions

Now that I have somewhere safe to store my pins, thanks to the adventurous pin cushion I made previously, I decided to embark upon my first real project. Cushions. These are supposedly the easiest pattern in the book, and once again the book proved to be correct.

The cushions are made up of 2 back pieces and 2 side panels in a crinkled floral cotton, and 1 front panel in a contrasting striped floral cotton. I think the contrast between stripes and flowers makes the cushions look more intricate than they actually are! A good result all round. They look lovely against pine furniture, as in the photo I took in the dining room, and have a lovely country house sentiment to them. Move over Laura Ashley.


4 thoughts on “Easy Cushions

  1. Hey, you’re doing a great job! There are lots of sewists online and we love to help. I can’t bear making cushions now because they are not challenging enough, I wish I had made more when they were harder 🙂

    There are quite a few good fabric stores online, check out the “Fabrics” board on Stitcher’s Guild.


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