Florals and the Machine

So I’ve been to the fabric shop about 4 times, and spent what feels like £400 0n floral cotton material. Luckily my mum already has this dashing Jones sewing machine (circa 1980) which will just about do a straight stitch and sometimes a zig-zag if you ask it nicely. I’ve learnt how to install the thread and load the bobbin. And so far so good; everything seems to be going to plan.
I’m currently sewing with a baby pink coloured cotton, as it ties in with all of the material I’ve bought and means I don’t have to keep re-loading the machine everytime I change to a new project.

My first undertaking, which took me a total of 2 hours, was this pin cushion: made because I was also trying to make a cushion cover and kept dropping my shiny new dressmaking pins all over the carpet. Not ok when there are cats wandering the house. The pattern came straight out of my Cath Kidston book and was relatively simple to do. The chocolate brown ribbon adds a nice finish I think, and the total cost of fabric came to approximately 50p. Now considering opening up a pin cushion shop and making millions of pounds in profit within weeks.


2 thoughts on “Florals and the Machine

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